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We have made it as simple as it can get to learn about cryptocurrencies and gather them

Twitch Faucet

We came up with the first twitch crypto faucet game. Monke Game on our Twitch faucet for Banano coin has been played over 4000 times and over 3700+ banano coin rewarded.

1000+ Faucets

No matter which coin or token you are interested we got em all in our faucets list. If any of your fav coin or token is not on our list feel free to nudge the project owner to get listed on our platform.

Affiliate Program

We pride ourselves in having the simplest referral program. Claim from a faucet and you will be provided a referral link that you can use to refer freinds and earn crypto as well as win the pot.

Automated Pot

After certain faucet claims and premium claims the pot gets filled and lucky winners are awarded share of the pot.


Subscibe to our Mail, Push notifications and Join our Discord to catch airdrops. They are all first come first serve. So it pays to be the quickest finger in the web3. 


Web3 Ecosystem is vast and every project is innovating. We at faucets.app emphasize not only gathering crypto/tokens but learning the benefits they offer.

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